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February 07, 2023 is International Safer Internet Day. In the meantime, the day of action has become an important part of the calendar for all those who are committed to online safety and a better Internet for children and young people.

  • We need to talk to our kids early about good and bad secrets, that they are allowed to say no, that they should definitely get help, and that they should be suspicious online - because not everyone is who they say they are.

    Birgit Kimmel, Head of EU initiative klicksafe about cybergrooming
  • #FactProtect is important because with facts we understand, learn and know more and can better classify. A life with facts is worthwhile - committed to the truth.

    Dr. Marc Jan Eumann, Director of the Media Authority Rhineland-Palatinate for Safer Internet Day 2021 - Motto #FactProtect
  • #FactProtect is important because disinformation is one of the biggest threats to our democracy.

    Rob Bubble, Web video producer & YouTuber for Safer Internet Day 2021 - Motto #FactProtect
  • We can and should take a clear stand against discrimination, fake news and conspiracy theories every day. Even in our private lives, for example, when someone posts something in a class chat that is not acceptable.

    Jokah Tululu, Influencer and entertainer to hate on the net
  • If every person has his own facts and constructs his own reality, then it is no longer possible to communicate about problems in a society and search for common solutions.

    Petra Grimm, Head of the Institute for Digital Ethics to the klicksafe material "Forming Opinions in the Digital World
  • We need good technical programs to protect minors, we need safe surfing areas for children. We need to oblige providers to ensure that children and young people are protected, and we need to make parents, educators and teachers fit so that they can support children well.

    Birgit Kimmel, Head of the EU initiative klicksafe
  • For me, #FaktenSchützen means maintaining a self-confident and critical approach to information so that facts can actually protect us and our democracy from disinformation.

    Dr. Tobias Schmid, Director of the State Media Authority NRW for Safer Internet Day 2021 - Motto #FactProtect
  • We know from research that bullying is perceived very late by teachers. Corona has reinforced this fact, especially in the period of distance teaching. Teachers need to know the dynamics of a bullying process in order to recognize it early and to be able to act.

    Birgit Kimmel, Head of EU initiative klicksafe
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    klicksafe is part of the network of Safer Internet Centres (INSAFE). INSAFE campaigns for a safer Internet for children in 30 European countries.
  • 265

    For Safer Internet Day (SID), 265 actions were registered throughout Germany on the theme "Fit for Democracy, Strong for Society". SID is a global day of action for a better Internet. In Germany, it is organized by klicksafe.
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    That's how often our new material "Ommm online - How we can increase our digital well-being" has already been ordered as a print version.