PROTECT YOURSELF! Against sexualized violence on the net (3): Check contact

Explainer film


Published by: klicksafe in cooperation with Juuuport

Target Group: Teenagers


When people want to make sexual contact with children and young people online, this is called cybergrooming. Perpetrators often use fake profiles and do not reveal much about themselves in order to conceal their own identity. When children and young people come into contact with strangers online, they should take a closer look at the profile of their chat contacts. Jasmin from the JUUUPORT scouts has tips on what to look out for.

The video series and information brochure of the same name "WEHR DICH! Against Sexualized Violence on the Net" was produced by klicksafe together with the nationwide online counseling platform JUUUPORT and with the support of the Independent Commissioner on Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM) developed for young people.

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