Ethics makes click - values navigator for digital life

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 142 Pages

Revised Edition:

Published by: klicksafe together with the Institute for Digital Ethics at Stuttgart Media University

Target Group: Educators


With the diverse technical possibilities offered by digital media, the need for guidance is also increasing. Who tells you what is acceptable and what is better not to publish or click on the Internet? What guidelines and agreements are needed for children, young people and adult Internet users? And what values exactly should these agreements be based on in order to stay on the "good side" of the Internet?

The klicksafe teaching module "Ethik macht klick - Werte-Navi fürs digitalen Leben" (Ethics clicks - values navigation for digital life) offers a wealth of information, suggestions and practical exercises on this topic. klicksafe has focused on three topics where there is a need for orientation: privacy protection, cyberbullying or online violence and gender sensitivity. By using the teaching module, the young people's personality is strengthened and they are taught a value-based attitude. In this way, they will find their own way to find their way in the digital society.

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