Right-wing extremism has many faces

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 100 Pages


Published by: klicksafe together with jugendschutz.net and LPR Hessen

Target Group: Educators

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Right-wing extremism appears in many forms - as a party or as a  right-wing autonomous group, on the Internet or as a nightly torch relay, in sports clubs or at performances by right-wing extremist music groups. Often cleverly camouflaged and emphatically youthful, right-wing extremists spread their inhuman worldview via social media services such as Instagram, recruit young people and act against our free democratic basic order.

In order to take action against right-wing extremist agitation, not only commitment but also well-founded information and pedagogically prepared teaching material are necessary. This brochure by klicksafe and jugendschutz.net combines the specific know-how of various competent organizations. The spectrum of topics ranges from teaching basic values of human coexistence to raising awareness for recognizing right-wing extremist opinions to counter strategies and getting to know dropout programs.

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