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Especially before important elections, opinion mongering and attacks on our democracy through  fakenews and extremist movements are spreading rapidly on social media. So be vigilant, critical and protect our democracy. Because freedom and democracy cannot be taken for granted. We could lose them again. So: use your vote, otherwise others will decide your future!

Stand up for our democracy!

Do you know why democracy is so relevant to your life? Watch the videos and find out.

European elections

Don't know which party you would vote for in the European elections? Then try the new Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections. All 35 parties running in the election have answered the Wahl-O-Mat theses. Compare your views with the parties' answers in the Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections.

What does politics have to do with you? The TikTok channel what.politik has the answers.

Inform yourself well & check the facts!

Fact or fake? In times of deepfakes, it's not easy to distinguish real from false information. Good thing there are fact checkers! Use them if you're not sure whether a piece of information is true. Here you can find reputable news sites and fact checkers on TikTok.

How to see through fakes

MrWissen2Go, Rewinside and Co. provide information

Extremist codes: What's behind blue hearts and vampire emoji

In addition to numerical codes, e.g. 18 for Adolf Hitler, coded emojis and terms are also used by right-wingers and right-wing extremists to spread their messages as widely as possible without being detected. Always question what you read or see and pay close attention to the authors of the videos! Use the report function if you come across inhumane content.

You can recognize right-wing content by these codes

  • "never lose your smile":  refers to the SS skull, the use of which is prohibited in Germany
  • Vampire emoji: The bloodsucker is often used as an anti-Semitic stereotype by right-wingers and right-wing extremists.
  • Blue heart: Often used by Afd sympathizers
  • The color sequence black-white-red: These are the colors of the flag of the German Reich 
  • Two lightning bolts stand for SS. The Schutzstaffel of the National Socialists.

On TikTok, the channel keine.Erinnerungskultur provides information about right-wing symbols, among other things.

Test your knowledge of deepfakes, democracy and disinformation

Our quizzes will help you get smart and strengthen your opinion

Don't give hate a chance and show civil courage

Anger, frustration, fear: Populistically heated discussions and emotionalizing postings lead to more and more aggression and hatred in society. Keep a cool head and don't let yourself be emotionally manipulated!

Hate postings are lucrative and bring clicks, this is called rage bait or rage farming. You can find more information on this phenomenon at Handysektor.

Are you affected by hate? Don't put up with it and report attacks on the network. Report criminal postings and comments, e.g. to the police online watchdogs. If others are affected, show civil courage by condemning and reporting hate postings and encouraging those affected. You can find more information and tips here:

Surf well and safely!

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