Educational game assessments

Games are a dime a dozen. To be familiar with all these games is almost impossible, especially if you are perhaps not interested in the subject yourself. Here you will find a selection of projects that publish pedagogical game assessments on digital games or deal with pedagogical and cultural aspects of games.

Game guide NRW

Under the guidance of media educators, children, teenagers and young adults test current and interesting games at Spieleratgeber NRW. The results of these assessments and the opinions of the young game testers are published on the website. Parents and educators receive relevant information in understandable language. The service also includes workshops, parents' evenings, training courses and advice. is the platform of the Federal Agency for Civic Education on the topic of computer games. The platform provides information about computer games, makes pedagogical assessments and aims to promote exchange between gamers and non-gamers. In addition, would like to help parents and pedagogically responsible persons get started with the topic and provide tips and materials for everyday life and pedagogical practice. Particularly helpful: A comprehensive glossary explains many terms typical of the scene for outsiders.

Digital game worlds is an "online competence platform for media pedagogy in the digital games culture". As an information, presentation and networking platform, it maps the diverse activities and networks in the field of digital games culture. Anyone who wants to work pedagogically with video games will find many suggestions, project designs and materials such as worksheets and entire lesson plans here.

Digital Games Culture Foundation

The Digital Games Culture Foundation strives to "bring the diverse potential of games into society". To this end, it initiates and implements projects in the fields of culture, education and research. By making these aspects of gaming visible, the social acceptance of video games is to be promoted beyond pure entertainment.