Actionbound: In the bunker of lies



Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Teenagers


In the Actionbound game "In the Bunker of Lies," young people learn to debunk conspiracy narratives and fake news. They meet conspiracy ideologue Y, who tells them about the existence of a secret bunker under the Bundestag, where "dark machinations" are taking place. An obscure blog entry serves as proof. K, which deals with the dissemination of false reports and conspiracy narratives, counters this and asks the players in several tasks to evaluate the truth content of sources. Who will see the light at the end.

    Brief information on Actionbound from klicksafe at a glance:

    • Target group: young people (from 13 years)
    • Duration: approx. 25 min.
    • Topics: False news & Conspiracy narratives
    • Internet: Different media are loaded in the Bound. We therefore recommend downloading the game via WLAN connection.

    Download Actionbound app for free and scan code

    The interactive game for young people is playable on mobile devices with the free app "Actionbound". This can be downloaded from the Google play Store or the Apple Store. Then you have to scan the QR code with the app.