Data protection goes to school

Material for pedagogical practice

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Published by: klicksafe together with the initiative "Data Protection Goes to School" of the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers in Germany and privacy4people - Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Datenschutzes gGmbH

Target Group: Educators

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Nearly all providers of digital services collect and analyze a great deal of user information. But where, how and, above all, what data is collected is often rather opaque for many users. With working materials on the topic of data protection, we aim to make the topic interesting and accessible for young people and to promote the idea of "informed users". By presenting easy-to-understand background information and concrete practical projects, "Privacy Goes to School" provides teachers with easy-to-use work materials that can be used in schools with little effort. The material is a compilation of klicksafe content on the topic of data privacy and data security.

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