#fitfordemocracy Democracy promotion and media literacy - hand in hand

Material for pedagogical practice

DIN A4 36 Pages


Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Educators

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Attacks on our democracy are increasingly taking place in social networks, messenger groups and Internet forums. The teaching material #fitfordemocracy addresses these issues and aims to get young people fit! At various stations - in analogy to a real gym - topics and situations are addressed that young people encounter in analog and digital life. Through creativity and wit, the aim is to convey joy in democracy and community.

The #fitfordemocracy teaching material is conducted in the style of a classic station work. In five training stations from five topics on democracy learning, the students learn how democracy and media literacy are connected. From knowledge about our Basic Law to designing their own demo poster, the stations offer ideas for dealing with democracy and online participation. A quiz as a warm-up and a cooperative cool-down exercise frame the project.

Each station takes about 25 minutes and the unit is suitable for use from grade 8. The material was created in cooperation with medien+bildung.com.