JIM Study 2021: Digital communication overload




Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents


According to the latest JIM study, almost three quarters of young people spend more time on their smartphones than they had originally planned. The consequences of the omnipresence of digital media range from stress to concentration and attention problems. The feeling of missing out on something in the peer group when the cell phone is turned off can also put adolescents under pressure. All these factors lead to a decline in digital wellbeing. Relationships and contacts between young people are shifting further and further into the digital realm. For just under a third, digital and personal communication are now synonymous. The klicksafe teaching material "Ommm online - how we can increase ourdigital wellbeing" can be used to explain the pull that digital media can have and how young people can develop skills to use media competently and profitably, for example by setting usage times.

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