klicksafe asks... (8): Are we losing our children on the net?



Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents


Children and young people are confronted directly and without being asked with violence, pornography or racism via their smartphones. In the book "Wir verlieren unsere Kinder!" ("We are losing our children!") , principal Silke Müller reports on her observations of this issue. And she appeals to parents, educational professionals and politicians to create the basis for a values-oriented media education. In this podcast episode, we talk in detail about the book with Silke Müller and Birgit Kimmel, head of the EU initiative klicksafe. What effect does content harmful to minors have on adolescents? And what changes are needed in the context of media education and school pedagogy to counter such content? Listen in now to "klicksafe asks... Are we losing our children online?"!

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