Web Seminar: "Want to go fact checking with me?"

Web seminar


Published by: klicksafe

Target Group: Educators


On June 17, 2021, the web seminar "Do you want to go fact-checking with me?" took place together with the Medienscouts NRW of the Essen Borbeck Comprehensive School.

What was the web seminar about?

The Corona pandemic in particular provides fertile ground for the spread of numerous conspiracy narratives and fake news on the web. They reach children and young people via social networks, messengers, video platforms, seemingly reputable news sites, etc. It is therefore all the more important to empower adolescents so that they can recognize disinformation strategies, expose fake news and counteract opinion manipulation.

In the web seminar "Want to go fact-checking with me?", the Media Scouts NRW from Essen Borbeck Comprehensive School present typical strategies of disinformation and discuss options for dealing with false news in the school context and beyond. The web seminar provides insights into the practice of the Medienscouts NRW and shows how the topic of disinformation can be dealt with in peer-to-peer work. Suitable klicksafe materials will be presented.

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