Media use in the Corona crisis



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Target Groups: Educators Parents


The infographic shows results from the JIMplusCorona2020 study and tips for parents.

The special survey "JIMplus Corona" on students' mediauseduring the first phase of school closures revealed that media use in the everyday lives of 12-19 year-olds has increased . For example, young people reported spending more time than before on YouTube videos (82%), listening to music (78%), streaming services (71%) and watching TV (54%). This is also reflected in the usage times: According to the JIM Study 2020 , young people spent around 260 minutes a day online from Monday to Friday. This is an increase of around one hour compared to the previous year. Around 60 % of this time is spent on entertainment and games. In contrast, around 40 % of the time is invested in communication and information searches.