My first Internet ABC - accompanying booklet for teachers

Material for pedagogical practice



Published by: Internet ABC

Target Group: Educators

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The annotated work material supports you as a teacher in implementing the tasks from the interactive booklet "My first Internet ABC" in the classroom. In addition to instructions on how to work on the hidden pictures, comics and handicrafts, the accompanying booklet also contains suggestions for discussion in the classroom.

Through games, creative impulses or ideas for active media work, you will learn more about the level of knowledge of your class and can thus continue to work in a more targeted manner.

In addition, you will receive background information on the age-appropriate media use of children as well as on the media pedagogical objectives of the chapter tasks.

Use in parental work: The processing of the materials can be combined well with offers for parents and families. In addition to a letter to parents, the accompanying booklet contains suggestions for parent-child activities with which the lesson content can be deepened at home.

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