Web seminar: "Nudes, dickpics & Co. - crime scene class chat"

Web seminar


Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents


In the class chat, students post until late in the evening. The class chat group is used by pupils to discuss school topics and much more. However, a lack of time or topic limits often leads to problems in class chat groups. In addition to homework, links, pictures and videos are also sent. Sexual content quickly ends up in the chat, which is not only problematic, but in some cases even prohibited. 

At the klicksafe web seminar and theLAG of family education centers in Rhineland-Palatinate, we informed parents about important developments in social media channels and how they can discuss opportunities and risks with their children at an early stage. 

The web seminar took place as part of theRhineland-Palatinate Media Literacy Week 2024.

List of links to the web seminar

Media use by children & Young people 

Minimum age for social media apps 

First smartphone 

Security settings on devices, services & Apps

Spread of depictions of abuse by minors 

Around 40 percent of suspects under investigation for distributing child pornography are children and young people themselves. Holger Kind, Head of the Central Office for Child Pornography at the Federal Criminal Police Office, explains in the klicksafe podcast how these high figures come about.

Reporting and advice centers

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Materials on the topic of pornography for young people 

Materials on the topic of pornography for parents 

 Materials on the topic of pornography for teachers