#yourcontrol (3): Tomatolix - How much does the internet know?

Field report


Published by: klicksafe

Target Groups: Educators Parents Teenagers


klicksafe video series #yourcontrol for Safer Internet Day 2018

Felix from the Tomatolix channel asks: how much does the Internet actually know about me? I thought that I don't reveal that much private data about myself. But apparently that's not true at all....

The experience of not having everything under control online has also been made by well-known YouTubers. In the klicksafe video series "#deineKontrolle", the creators of the successful YouTube channels "HelloChrissy", "FräuleinChaos" and "Tomatolix" talk about their sometimes unpleasant experiences on the Internet and give young users helpful tips.

The  video series "#deineKontrolle" is a production by Streamwerke on behalf of klicksafe (editors: Dilek Atalay/klicksafe, Stephan Tarnow/planpunkt).