DEFEND YOURSELF! Against sexualized violence on the net - tips for young people

Info brochure

DIN A6 12 Pages


Published by: klicksafe in cooperation with Juuuport

Target Group: Teenagers

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How can children and young people protect themselves from cybergrooming, the initiation of sexual violence on the Internet, and defend themselves against it? The information brochure and the accompanying video series "WEHR DICH! Against Sexualized Violence on the Net" provide important tips. The material was developed in cooperation with the nationwide online counseling platform JUUUPORT and is supported by the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM).
Children and young people have the opportunity to use QR codes in the information brochure to access five videos with the two JUUUPORT scouts Jasmin and Stephan. In addition to the tips in the flyer, they provide additional help in the videos.