DEFEND YOURSELF! Against sexualized violence online (1): Recognizing warning signals

Explainer film


Published by: klicksafe in cooperation with Juuuport

Target Group: Teenagers


Cybergrooming describes the initiation of sexualized violence against children and adolescents on the Internet. Some perpetrators involve the adolescents directly in sexualized conversations, send intimate recordings or demand such from them. Others build up contact slowly. They first try to gain trust, make many compliments or virtual gifts, e.g. in online games. Jasmin from the JUUUPORT scouts explains in this video which warning signals children and young people should watch out for in chat.

The video series and information brochure of the same name "WEHR DICH! Against Sexualized Violence on the Net" was produced by klicksafe together with the nationwide online counseling platform JUUUPORT and with the support of the Independent Commissioner for Child Sexual Abuse (UBSKM ).

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