10 years of advice for web worries - Nummer gegen Kummer launches Instagram account

10 years helpline in the Saferinternet DE network | Problems on the net? We are there and listen! | From International Youth Day on August 12 also on Instagram

How do I protect my data? Where do I report dangerous and illegal content on the net? Who can I talk to about the nasty messages I receive from my classmates every day? The answers to these and many other questions about the World Wide Web are provided by the Saferinternet Network. Working together for a better Internet - that's the mission of the Media Competence Initiative klicksafethe hotlinesjugendschutz.net and internet-complaints-agency.de (operated by FSM and eco) and the "Nummer gegen Kummer" (number against sorrow). For ten years now, Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. has been a helpline in the network that offers children, young people and parents a sympathetic ear for questions, worries and fears about cyberbullying, sexting and the protection of privacy on the Internet.

The open-topic service, which can look back on around 38 years of experience in (telephone) counseling for children, young people and parents, currently has around 3,300 specially trained volunteer counselors at 94 locations nationwide. The "Nummer gegen Kummer" receives around 1,250 inquiries per day. When it comes to difficulties online, cyberbullying is one of the most common problems faced by people seeking advice.

"Often young people carry their worries around with them for quite a while until they dare to seek help. The confidentiality of the "Nummer gegen Kummer" and the individual conversation with our understanding counselors* can help to sort out the chaos in the head and heart and to see more clearly what the possible solutions are. Talking to someone about your worries actually always helps," is how one long-time counselor describes her experience, adding, "I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the support services available when they have problems. We are there and listen!"

Nummer gegen Kummer now also on Instagram
To further publicize the support services of the "Nummer gegen Kummer" - especially among the young target group - the association is expanding its presence on social networks. From the International Youth Day on August 12, 2018, the "Nummer gegen Kummer" can also be found on Instagram. Under the following link, you can already follow the channel and look forward to exciting posts: https://www.instagram.com/nummergegenkummer_e.v/. Counseling does not take place there for reasons of anonymity and confidentiality.

Support is available to those seeking advice on the children's and young people 's telephone under the free number 116 111 (Mon-Sat from 2-8 p.m.) or from the em@il advice line at www.nummergegenkummer.de. The parents' telephone can be reached on Mondays to Fridays from 9-11 a.m. and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. at 0800 - 111 0 550.

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