Cybergrooming video seriesConclusion of the klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk with cybercriminologist Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger

Children and young people are increasingly confronted with cybergrooming, the initiation of sexual abuse on the Internet, in social media or online games. In the klicksafe Expert*innen-Talk, cybercriminologist Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger answers important questions about cybergrooming from a legal-criminological perspective. Are people who sexually harass and abuse children and young people on the Internet primarily male and adult? That's what the last part of our video series is about.

From a criminal law perspective, the term cybergrooming refers to the targeted influence on persons under the age of 14 via the Internet with the aim of initiating sexual contact. The goal is often to produce child pornographic material.
Cybercriminologist Prof. Dr. Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger is head of the Institute for Cybercriminology at the Brandenburg Police University. He has been dealing with the topic of cybergrooming from a legal and criminological perspective for many years.

More and more children and adolescents as perpetrators of cybergrooming

Persons who commit sexual assaults against children and adolescents on the Internet are mostly male. And until a few years ago, they were predominantly adult perpetrators. However, Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger observes the tendency that more and more suspects are children and adolescents themselves. In the last video of the klicksafe expert talk on cybergrooming, he explains how this is to be assessed and how it should be dealt with.

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