What do young people think about AI?AI Center Tübingen publishes comic "Chocolate Robots and Deepfakes

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI): How it is changing our everyday lives and how it will have a fundamental impact on our lives in the future. But what do young people think about AI - in other words, the generation whose everyday lives will be shaped most by AI tomorrow? The Tübingen AI Center interviewed young people to find out which aspects around machine learning are relevant for future generations. These stories have now been published as a comic essay.

Around 200 students between the ages of 11 and 19 were interviewed in an online survey. In addition, the AI Center team visited comprehensive schools and high schools in Tübingen and Grimma in spring 2022 to engage in dialog and collect stories. Mostly, the topic of AI came up in general terms first: from "Alexa" to "social media." However, the discussions quickly became more multi-layered. They were about fears for the future, wars and social values.

Berlin-based comic essayist Julia Schneider translated the results into pointed comic texts. Kristina Laube, a trained journalist and science communicator at the Tübingen AI Center, supplemented these with compact knowledge texts on the topics that emerged from her conversations with the young people. The result is a comic with a strong content, which owes its expressive neon-colored visual language to the illustrator Nele Konopka. A comic for young people, adults and researchers that invites them to participate in the debate, to be curious and to engage with AI themselves.