Netflix gamesUpdated guide: Netflix, Disney+ & Co - Using streaming services safely

Streaming services are constantly trying to expand their offerings in order to retain users or attract new ones. This can go beyond series and movies, as the example of Netflix shows. As early as November of last year, Netflix published its first games for its subscribers' mobile devices. There are now more than 20 Netflix games, and the number is growing. In our updated guide, we show parents what they should watch out for.

Streaming offers have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among young people. According to the JIM Study 2021, 42% of children and young people aged 12 to 13 and 53% of those aged 14 to 15 regularly use Netflix. Alongside YouTube , Netflix is thus one of the platformsthat 12-19 year-olds use most frequently to consume shows, series and films.

Netflix has recently expanded its offering and offers several mobile games in the Netflix app. Although the game for Netflix's hit series "Stranger Things" was already released in 2019 via an external manufacturer, it was not available via Netflix itself at the time.

The games offered on Netflix currently include so-called casual games, i.e. simple casual games such as bowling, card or ball games, as well as adventure and action games, among others. The games are downloaded via the Google Play Store or App Store and are then automatically saved in the Netflix app on the profile. All games are included in the Netflix subscription and contain no advertising or in-app purchases.

Child and parental controls on Netflix games.

No games are available in children's profiles on Netflix. For all Netflix games, there is an age rating according to the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation(USK). The age for which a game is approved is displayed in the game information. The majority of games that are currently available are marked with an age rating from 0 or 6 years. However, some are released from 12 years and one of the games from 18 years.

In our updated guide "Netflix, Disney+ & Co - Using streaming services safely", we show what parents should absolutely pay attention to so that children do not come into contact with unsuitable games on Netflix.