App check: New platform helps with app selection

Is my Android app clean or a sneaky data slinger? You can now find out for yourself - on the new "App Check" platform. Online as of today at

What happens under the surface of apps? Which big companies are reading, what data is being sent? As of today, consumers can answer these questions for themselves. The new "App Check" database provides precise information on the data transmission behavior of Android apps.  
Around 33,000 apps can be accessed at the start. For example, if you enter the name of the popular fitness app "Runtastic" from Adidas in the search, the result is a "Privacy Score" of 4 - only a score of 5 would be worse. Users can then click on the app logo to access the test report.  

The app category "Fitness & Workouts" then allows users to quickly find an advertising- and tracking-free alternative. This strengthens providers who focus on privacy, and personal fitness data does not end up on the Internet unintentionally.

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