"App in the summer" - with the tips from Handysektor

The youth portal www.handysektor.de takes advantage of the vacation season and presents useful apps for the summer. In addition, there is a special on flying drones with the most important rules for flying.

To ensure that young people don't experience any unpleasant surprises while on vacation abroad, Handysektor reports on costs for calling and surfing abroad under the new roaming rules and shows how to check network coverage in vacation regions.

No more roaming charges! What do I still have to pay attention to?

Since mid-June, roaming charges, i.e. charges for using foreign networks, have been abolished in the member countries of the EU. This means that surfing, making phone calls and sending text messages cost the same in other EU countries as they do in Germany. Carefree zone? Not quite! Because the new regulation does not apply to all tariffs and all calls. Here are the most important questions and answers.

Apps for your vacation

Handysektor has once again taken a look into the app jungle and checked out a number of apps that perfectly support your day at the beach or bathing lake. From the rain alarm, which warns of approaching thunderstorms, to the lido app with an overview of bathing lakes and outdoor pools, to MySunCheck with tips on how to protect the skin from burns. Those who simply want to switch off (their smartphone) during the summer vacations and do without apps altogether will also get their money's worth with creative ideas.

Take to the summer skies with a drone

Flying dronesare becoming increasingly affordable and offer young people a lot of creative and playful potential. Whether for filming, photography or flying - even those who don't fly themselves on vacation can discover the world in a whole new way. With a few flicks of the wrist, great shots can be taken from the air, but this also raises privacy issues. Very few young people have an overview of the numerous regulations that exist around the private use of drones. Handysektor has compiled these rules in a clear checklist so that there is no risk of trouble when shooting the first rounds.