ARD Youth Media Day: Web Talks on Stereotypes, Conspiracy Theories and Hate on the Net

The ARD Youth Media Day for students from all over Germany took place today as a web conference. Around 15,000 young people registered for the event and took advantage of the wide range of web workshops on offer. In addition to the more than 100 fully booked workshops, twelve open web talks were also offered. Recordings of these can still be viewed on YouTube by interested parties of all ages.



Web Talks not only for young people: Anyone can join in and join the discussion

What can I believe? How diverse is our society? What does sustainability mean? Media experts and many guests will address a total of twelve such contemporary issues in the web talks at the ARD Youth Media Day. The guests include well-known ARD presenters such as Pinar Atalay and Ranga Yogeshwar, as well as hosts from various funk formats such as "WorldWideWohnzimmer" and "Auf Klo". funk is the content network of ARD and ZDF.

The web talks each last about 50 minutes. Aline Abboud (SWR), Nadine Hadad (BR) and David Ahlf (hr) each lead through four web talks.

The YouTube channels with the recordings are directly linked on the ARD Youth Media Day page.

Topics of the web talks, experts at a glance:

  • Pride! (MDR): Sexual identity, non-binary, transgender: Kai Witvrouwen (MDR Sputnik) knows his way around the LGBTQ+ scene and wants to clear up prejudices.
  • Typical...! Stereotypes and clichés under the microscope (HR): Ashley Forsson (Bubbles, shine & nature, funk), Dennis & Benni Wolter (WorldWideWohnzimmer, funk) and Marlon Schulte (Mädelsabende, funk) talk about how they deal with clichés.
  • All conspiracy? (BR): What fascinates us about conspiracy theories and myths? How should we deal with them? Sophie Rohrmeier (#Faktenfuchs, BR) and Christian Schiffer (BR network expert) discuss with experts and take questions from users.
  • Fact checker (SWR): Kristin Becker (ARD capital studio) takes interested parties live into her job as newswoman and fact finder at the Tagesschau and reveals her professional fact checker tools.
  • (Organized) hate on the net (HR): Hate on the net is manifold, whether in private chats or comment columns. Patrick Stegemann, Pia Kabitzsch (psychologeek, funk) and Maria Popov (Auf Klo, funk) talk about this.
  • How is news created? (BR/NDR): Pinar Atalay (ARD-Tagesthemen, among others), Helene Reiner (News-WG, BR) and other female journalists talk about their everyday work.
  • Profession: Making jokes on the Internet (Radio Bremen): The guys from "Wumms" (funk) show that making jokes can be a profession.
  • Das Herz der Sportschau (WDR): Sports editor and live reporter Holger Dahl takes us behind the scenes of the WDR sports campus.
  • The biggest show in the world: Eurovision Song Contest (NDR): Once on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest? Singer-songwriter Michael Schulte talks about his experiences and sings live.
  • Science Journalism (SWR): The web talk with Ranga Yogeshwar is about science journalism in times of Corona.
  • Investigative journalism - STRG_F (NDR): Since February 2018, the channel STRG_F (funk) has been publishing research for young target groups every week. How does the job work? Reporter Han-Ul Park and reporter Nadia Kailouli answer questions.
  • Ozone - sustainable together, let's go! (RBB): The makers of the Instagram format "Ozon" introduce their editorial team and the work they do on the topic of sustainability.

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