Demonstrations against the rightEducating people about right-wing extremism

Tens of thousands of people are currently taking to the streets across Germany to take a stand against right-wing extremism. The reason for this is the announcement of a meeting of right-wing extremists and their plan to expel people with a history of immigration from Germany en masse. Racist and misanthropic content can also be found online time and again, as a recent viral hit on TikTok showed. All of these events make it clear that raising awareness of right-wing extremist and anti-democratic ideas is an important ongoing task. klicksafe offers you a wide range of materials to work with pupils on this topic.

Right-wing extremist and anti-democratic movements appear in many different forms. For example, as a party like the AfD. Or as right-wing autonomous groups that coordinate and stage themselves on the internet and spread disinformation. Often cleverly disguised and in an emphatically youthful manner, they spread their inhumane world view via social media services such as TikTok or X. They network via Telegram and thus operate in the digital space against our free and democratic basic order. The attacks on minorities and the AfD's worryingly high poll ratings show that the hatred stirred up in the digital sphere is being transferred to the streets and catching on. Research by recently revealed how German right-wing extremists network in secret to plan anti-human actions.

Young people today come into contact with right-wing extremist content primarily on social media services. A recent viral video on TikTok, for example, shows a group of people chanting the slogan "Germany to the Germans, foreigners out!" at a public festival. However, content from the AfD and other right-wing extremists is also suggested to users of social media platforms and thus also reaches many young people

In order to take action against right-wing extremist agitation, not only commitment but also well-founded information and educationally prepared teaching materials are needed. The klicksafe materials available at cover a wide range of topics. These include, for example: teaching basic values of human coexistence, raising awareness of the values of our democracy, recognizing manipulation strategies and empowerment to take action against propaganda and hate. In addition to the selection below, you will also find suitable materials and further information in our subject areas of democracy education, right-wing extremism online, disinformation and opinion and conspiracy theories.

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