Sexting among teenagersAwareness campaign informs about safer sexting

Sexting - the term is made up of "sex" and "texting". It refers to the exchange of erotic messages, photos and videos. For many young people who are in the process of discovering their sexuality, sexting plays an important role. However, if those involved are still minors, they must abide by some rules of the game to protect themselves and others from sometimes dramatic consequences.

Many young people are not aware that producing, possessing and sending pornographic material can be punishable by law. The current crime statistics of the NRW State Office of Criminal Investigation show that young people are also increasingly becoming offenders when it comes to the distribution of child and youth pornography. This is a major problem and makes it clear that education is urgently needed. For this reason, the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia (Landesanstalt für Medien NRW ) is launching a campaign to raise awareness about the topic of safer sexting.

With four colorful motifs featuring large cut fruit emojis, the campaign draws attention to various phenomena and potential problems associated with sexting. The aim of the measure is to give young people legal certainty, educate them and offer direct help. On the campaign website, they can find extensive information on what is permitted when sexting, what to look out for, and what should be urgently avoided. Educational professionals can also find materials there that can be used to address the topic of sexting in youth work in an age-appropriate way.

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