Consciously offline: Instagram campaign by teens for teens

How can we improve our digital well-being? To answer this question, the German Awareness Centre klicksafe and the helpline Nummer gegen Kummer e.V. have conducted a peer-to-peer youth campaign on digital wellbeing.

In several workshops, the participants, aged between 15 and 18, discussed what stresses them and their peers online and what tips they can give other young people for relaxed online use. As part of the campaign, the participants created content for the social network Instagram, which is heavily used by young people. From 4 to 10 October, the young people will take over the Instagram profiles of klicksafe and Nummer gegen Kummer in a so-called takeover and publish daily posts that explain the phenomenon of digital well-being, illustrate its relevance or refer to offers of help. In addition, they give their own tips in very personal statements, which are intended to encourage other young people to use the Internet more consciously. Young people receive practical suggestions via the new Instagram story, on which a 7-day challenge with conscious offline activities is shared. The daily offline activities can be done as a participatory activity, and a checklist allows the challenge to be ticked off step by step. At the end of the week, Instagram users can repost their completed checklists along with feedback.

The campaign is aimed at young people, but can also be used in schools or youth work.

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