Brochure: A network for children. Practical aids for parents and educational professionals

The 14th edition of the brochure has been published. It helps children take their first steps online. With a colorful "creative cell phone," the "Clever online" poster and the "Fit for the Net" info laptop for children.

Many parents are unsure about their children's media education and are confronted with questions about time limits, age recommendations or the selection of websites suitable for children. Parents set the first course for how their children deal with media. They can take a targeted and active approach to media education, e.g., by promoting children's media use, joint media explorations or agreements on media consumption in the family.

The brochure "A network for children. Practical help for parents and educational professionals" offers practical tips and suggestions for safe entry into the Net and supports parents and teachers in the media education of their children and students.

All learning materials are also suitable for media education in school lessons.

Download and order the brochure
The brochure has been produced by on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs since 2000. It is aimed at parents, educators and, with the learning materials, directly at children. The brochure can be ordered free of charge from the BMFSFJ, where it is also available for download as a PDF.

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