BSI informs: Smart devices in the school bag - but safe!

Many school beginners are also Internet beginners: But anyone surfing the Net should have a good dose of media and IT literacy. The BSI provides parents and children with some basic safety rules for safe surfing on the Internet.

Every year, well over half a million first-graders start their journey to school in Germany. In keeping with tradition, the children then receive their school bag, with which they proudly trudge off to school. In addition to school supplies, toys and sweets, the bag increasingly contains digital school companions. Gifts range from smartphones and tablets to Internet-enabled wristwatches, alarm clocks and game consoles - anything to make a child's heart sing. However, this also conceals risks and dangers on the Internet for young Internet users. That's why it's important to promote children's media and IT skills from an early age. Of course, this means that parents must first consider the IT security of the products they buy and carefully weigh up their decisions for or against a purchase. BSI for Citizens has summarized what parents should look out for and what children should know.

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