Cyber Security²BSI and klicksafe inform about app security in video series

We all have them on our mobile devices: Apps. But what security risks are hidden behind these digital helpers? How can users protect themselves and their children's mobile devices from attempted fraud? These questions are answered by the new video series of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Under the title Cyber-Sicherheit², the BSI and klicksafe jointly provide practical tips on how to safely use apps on mobile devices.

In App-Sicherheit - Risiken für Kinder und Erwachsene (link leads to YouTube), the question is what security risks are hidden behind the digital helpers.

The video App security & Data protection - a little 1x1 (link leads to YouTube) is about how users can get an overview of where and for what purpose app providers store personal data, how they can better separate professional and private data, and how they can really recognize trustworthy apps.

In App security and messenger apps (link leads to YouTube), we explain which security tips are essential to follow, what is behind the term end-to-end encryption, and what guardians must pay attention to in order to protect children and young people.

Children and young people are often interested in mobile devices and services at a very young age. In the video App security for children and young people (link leads to YouTube), parents can find out what they can do to support children and young people in the secure use of digital services, what settings they can make themselves and what measures are also possible at a technical level.

Parents are liable for their children - even on the Internet? In the video App-Sicherheit & Jugendschutz - Rechte im digitalen Raum (link leads to YouTube), we clarify whether the secrecy of correspondence actually also applies to e-mails, whether parents have the right to check their children's mobile devices at any time, and what they can do if they discover that an app violates youth protection regulations.