Bundestag election 2021: Suitable teaching material from klicksafe

On September 26, the Bundestag elections will take place and many young voters will exercise their right to vote for the first time. An informed opinion based on reliable information is essential for an informed decision. Educational professionals can support young people in learning the necessary skills. The klicksafe handbook "Forming Opinions in the Digital World" provides them with a lot of background information as well as twelve lesson plans for use in schools.

Political elections today are decided in a media public sphere in which false news, populist narratives and conspiracy narratives increasingly endanger democratic processes. A lack of competence in dealing with these phenomena fuels distrust of politics, science and journalism and ultimately strengthens anti-democratic forces. It is therefore important that young people, as the voters of tomorrow, learn at an early age to evaluate and classify information competently and to form a political opinion based on facts.

The klicksafe handbook "Ethics clicks. Opinion forming in the digital world". provides insights into the information behaviour of young people, offers assistance in analysing and recognising disinformation strategies and shows the effects of misinformation on democratic society. At its core is a media ethics roadmap and a compass of competencies consisting of:

  • Methodological competence - How do I inform myself?
  • Factual competence - What knowledge do I have about media and digital publics?
  • Social competence - How do I behave in discussions?
  • Ethical competence - How can I develop an attitude?

The choice is yours!

In the handbook, you will find the worksheet"You have a choice!" along with numerous other materials. It is intended to support teachers and educational specialists in preparing pupils for the Bundestag elections. The focus of the lesson plan is on dealing with a fictitious personal election decision and getting to know the Wahl-o-Mat and the website www.abgeordnetenwatch.de.

The klicksafe handbook "Forming Opinions in the Digital World" is available as a print version to order or as a PDF to download.

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