New klicksafe topic areaChallenges - Risky tests of courage on the net

Skin burns, electric shocks, fires in school toilets - time and again, social media challenges encourage children and young people to engage in risky actions and self-harming behavior. On the other hand, there are also fun and harmless contests. In our new topic area, we provide detailed information about the phenomenon of Internet challenges and give tips on how to deal with them.

Online challenges are not only entertaining for children and young people to watch, they also invite them to participate. While many challenges on YouTube or TikTok are primarily fun, there are also alwaysdangerous trends . Popular challenges spread virally via social networks. They are particularly appealing to young people because they are challenging and attract attention and recognition. Some of these challenges harbor real dangers, can cause serious injuries or be psychologically destabilizing.

In our new topic area "Challenges" you will find detailed information, tips on how to deal with such "tests of courage" and suitable klicksafe material on the topic.

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