Children's pages day 2022Clever checking and discovering: good web offers for children

Children's sites are something special on the Internet. They cater to the needs of young online users, providing age-appropriate information, safe exchanges and carefree fun. Children are in good hands here. This special offer will be celebrated and honored again this year on October 21: Children's Website Day.

Following this year's motto "Clever check and discover", children can discover the qualities of websites for themselves. Children have their very own view of Internet offerings. What makes a website suitable for children? Special checklists give children food for thought and tools to check websites for themselves.

By asking specific questions, the children can form their own opinions. This also includes quality criteria that are less obvious to them, such as data protection or commercial orientation. The checklists are freely available online. There is a checklist for younger children and a checklist for older children. They can be integrated on the own website as well as used in family and pedagogical contexts as a reason for discussions about Internet offers that are popular with children, but perhaps not very suitable.

25 years of the Blinde Kuh children's search engine

The children's search engine Blinde Kuh celebrates its 25th birthday on the Day of Children's Sites with very special gifts: On, children can now find a hieroglyphic translator. With old Egyptian characters they can write from now on secret messages. In the guestbook, children are given a place to describe their wishes for the Internet of the future in words and pictures. They can put their knowledge of the blind cow and children's search engines to the test in a quiz.

But how did it all begin 25 years ago? From the link collection with and for their daughter under the title "Birgits Kinderseiten", Birgit Bachmann and Stefan R. Müller developed the first children's search engine for German-speaking countries with a lot of voluntary commitment in 1997. For almost 20 years, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth has supported the expansion, maintenance and continuous updating of this offering as a contribution to strengthening children's media skills. In order to strengthen the children's website landscape, the operators of the Blind Cow founded the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vernetzter Kinderseiten - Seitenstark in 2003 together with others.

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