Addressing data protection in the classroom

This week, as part of European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), everything revolves around the security and protection of personal data. The teaching material "Data set - data treasure?" from the klicksafe to go series is an excellent way to address the topic with students in class.

Especially in times when reports of hacker attacks are on the rise, it is becoming increasingly important for individual Internet users to inform themselves about data protection issues and to protect their own data. Young people usually move carelessly on the Internet and disclose data on various portals that can be compiled into detailed personal profiles. Many users, both young and old, are also insufficiently aware of security and protection mechanisms.

The klicksafe material "Data set - data treasure? Why data protection and data security are important" was developed in cooperation with the educational project "Chaos macht Schule"ofthe Chaos Computer Club Mannheim. It supports teachers in making young people aware of how to handle their data on the Internet consciously and securely and in taking measures to protect their own data.

The questions, tasks and information in the material are intended to help young people learn how to consciously protect themselves and their data online and increase their digital literacy. The experts from klicksafe and the Chaos Computer Club show, for example, in the form of a role play, what role cookies play in personalized advertising and also provide information in the factual information about backgrounds such as the https encryption of websites. At many points, concrete suggestions are given on how best to protect oneself from data theft. Teachers, parents and other interested parties will also find methodological and didactic tips on other topics such as "Self-data protection through encryption", always with information on the age group for which the worksheets are suitable and exactly how they can be implemented in the classroom.

The material is available free of charge at and is particularly suitable for computer science lessons from grade 7.

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