Award winners have been selectedData Protection Media Prize DAME 2021 awarded

With their cross-media data experiment "Made to Measure - A Digital Search for Traces," the artists' group Laokoon not only fascinated viewers, who were spellbound by how an entire life can be reconstructed using Google data. The jury members of the Data Protection Media Award were also convinced. The group around Cosima Terrasse, Hans Block and Moritz Riesewieck is the winner of the DAME 2021 Privacy Media Award.

In "Made to Measure," a double of a person is created using their personal online data. In the artistic treatment, the misuse of personal data becomes tangible. The documentary and its interactive website impressively show how transparent people have become on the Internet and how large online companies use the information they collect about our most private secrets to make a profit.

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Other prizes

In addition to Laokoon's video entry, three other entries can look forward to special prizes of €1,500 each. The special prize "Best Youth Contribution", awarded for the first time, goes to Carsten Damm and Hans Höpfner from the Children's and Youth Ministry of the Evangelical Church of Anhalt with their short film "schreibt...". The short film relocates a digital class chat to the analog world and describes the borderline violation of personal data.
The prize was presented at the award ceremony by klicksafe youth panel member Eric Hohenadel. He was also involved in the jury decision.

→ To the "Best Youth Contribution": "writes..." (YouTube link)

Patrick Beuth wins a special prize in the "Print" category with his SPIEGEL report "My loss of face," sponsored by the Data Protection Foundation and the German Donations Council. The article describes the New York-based startup Clearview AI's trade in biometric data.

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The radio feature "Three years of DSGVO - What has the EU regulation on data protection brought?" by Tobias Dirr receives the special prize "Best Contribution Audio." In it, Dirr looks back at the beginnings of the GDPR, the developments since it came into force at the end of May 2018 and reports on the uncertainties surrounding the changes to data protection law.

→ To the "Best Contribution Audio": "Three years of DSGVO - What has the EU Data Protection Regulation brought?"

Further information on the DAME Data Protection Media Award

The annual Data Protection Media Award was initiated in 2017 by the Professional Association of Data Protection Officers in Germany (BvD) e.V. and honors the work of creative and media professionals who communicate the topic of data protection or aspects of it in a clear and understandable way and thus make a contribution to the secure handling of personal data.

A total of 39 entries were submitted to this year in the form of videos, radio broadcasts, songs, print articles and documentaries. There was even a photo project among the entries.

The award ceremony took place on the evening of May 10 in Berlin as part of the BvD Association Days in front of around 200 guests. All award-winning entries can be viewed on the website

The Data Protection Media Award (DAME) has been sponsored by the DATEV Foundation Future since November 2018, and the EU initiative klicksafe is a cooperation partner. Birgit Kimmel, Stefanie Rack and Youth Panel member Eric Hohenadel are part of the jury.