Join us on Instagram!Digital Detox Challenge for Lent

Today marks the beginning of the 40-day Lent. Some people consciously give up certain foods, alcohol or other luxury and consumer goods during these weeks. klicksafe calls on you to work on more conscious media use over the next seven weeks with the new Digital Detox Challenge. This is not about pure renunciation, because here too: the journey is the goal!

Who hasn't experienced this: We actually wanted to put the smartphone away a long time ago, but we're still glued to our devices. Almost all social networks and many games function according to the principles of digital attention. They are designed in such a way that more time is spent in the respective services than originally planned. In these times of constant accessibility and excessive media consumption, conscious offline time can help reduce digital stress in everyday life.

Challenge accepted!

With the start of Lent, klicksafe is launching a digital wellbeing challenge. On our Instagram channel, we will publish tasks, tips and information on the topic every week. Among other things, it will be about self-assessment, awareness and analog alternatives

Digital wellbeing info and materials

How can we increase our digital well-being? Our poster gives 10 helpful tips and can be ordered as a print version. Hung up in the classroom, PC room or at home, for example, everyone can keep an eye on the tips.

With our quiz, young people can test how well they know about digital addiction and digital well-being.