#DigitalDecade4YOUth: Online survey of teachers and parents launched

What should the digital world look like in the future? How can we ensure that we promote, respect and protect the rights of all children and young people when they are online? The European Union Commission wants to know from parents and teachers how to protect and promote children's rights in the digital world as part of the #DigitalDecade4YOUth campaign.

To answer these questions, take part in the #DigitalDecade4YOUth online survey by October 11, 2021.

In March 2021, the European Commission presented a vision for the digital transformation of Europe by 2030. This vision for the EU's digital decade revolves around four key points:

  • Skills
  • secure and sustainable digital infrastructures
  • digital transformation of businesses
  • digitization of public services

Digital principles and rights are to be developed with the help of various surveys. These should guarantee that the digital world is fit for the future and that citizens benefit from its possibilities. For this purpose, children, young people, parents and teachers from all over the European Union will be asked about their priorities in the protection of children and young people from harmful media. These important findings will also feed into the new strategy for a better Internet for children, which will be adopted in 2022.

So far, 750 children and young people have already been surveyed in 70 focus groups. In the next step, stakeholders who care for children and young people in Europe, educate them or can otherwise positively influence their online experiences will now have their say. The questions are similar to the consultation with young people in order to be able to compare perspectives.

Your opinion counts!

On behalf of Insafe we are asking for your opinion on the opportunities and risks of Internet use for adolescents. Who is responsible for improving online experiences? What should policymakers* change in the next ten years? The survey can be found at Better Internet for Kids website.

Your views are vital in shaping the ongoing work on digital principles in the EU, and will help ensure the best possible online experiences for children and young people in Europe.

The online consultation, available in all official EU languages, will launch on September 1, 2021 and run until October 11, 2021, with additional feedback being sought via Better Internet for Kids (BIK) social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The consultation activities are also supported by the Insafe and INHOPE networks of Safer Internet Centres, which work for a safer and better internet across Europe. klicksafe, as the national awareness center in the German Safer Internet Centre network, is supporting the consultation process in Germany.

More information on the #DigitalDecade4YOUth campaign is available online.