Digital self-defense: New episodes of the video series at

It is important that young people know how to take action and defend themselves in the event of problems in their everyday online life. The advice and help platform provides tips and information on digital self-defense on 22 help pages and on its Instagram channel. The new episodes of the video series "Digital Self-Defense" are about more security and account protection on Instagram, TikTok and Co.

Hacker attacks, data theft, bullying and harassment are pretty unpleasant things that you can encounter online. That's why offers tips and skills to help protect itself in everyday online life and defend itself against such attacks. It is especially important to know the settings and functions on the cell phone and on various social media accounts and thus take care of your own security and privacy.

Tips and information on digital self-defense are offered by not only on the 22 help pages of the platform, but also in its Instagram channelIn the video series "Digital Self-Defense" , they explain everything worth knowing about data protection and account settings in various video episodes to . Brand new, for example, are the videos Security tips for Instagram and Security tips for TikTok. More episodes will be published in the coming weeks.

Our klicksafe flyer for young people also provides information for Digital (About) Life. The klicksafe Youth Panel, a group of students who deal with digital trends and knowledge about the Internet, offers tips that have helped them personally.