Digital games - the new issue of SCROLLER!

From bots and the history of computer games to valuable tips on online gaming: In the fourth issue of the children's media magazine SCROLLER, everything revolves around the digital gaming world.

Computer games are the leading medium of the 21st century. They are consumer products, identity creators and communication channels. They have their own genres, norms and rules. For this reason, it is important that children are accompanied as they take their first steps in the digital gaming world. The current issue of SCROLLER takes children by the hand and informs them about the diversity of computer games with exciting stories, appealing graphics and great tips. 

This time, for example, the SCROLLER children's reporters went to the Games Academy, the oldest school for game development in Europe, to find out how a computer game is developed. In an interview, criminologist Thomas-Gabriel Rüdiger explains the risks of online games and gives tips on what children should watch out for. SCROLLER also shows how adults can discover the fascinating world of digital games together with children.

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SCROLLER is the first children's media magazine to focus exclusively on digital media. Exciting articles, puzzles and lots of stories about smartphones, the Internet and the like introduce children to the digitalized world. And not just as a print magazine. The children's portal also offers lots of practical tips and interactive learning games.  

SCROLLER is suitable for media education both in the family and in educational institutions. The magazine can be optimally used in projects and lessons for 9- to 12-year-old students. A supplement for educational specialists provides further information and methodological-didactic suggestions. The enclosed parents' guidebook provides plenty of impetus to use SCROLLER to discuss the top issues of media use with your own children.