Tips for parentsA cell phone for the start of school - a good idea?

The change from elementary to secondary school is often used to equip children with their own smartphone. The argument "But everyone else has one too!" is probably well known to some parents. But how old should children be when they get their first cell phone? How can you tell if a child is ready for their own smartphone? And how can cell phones be set up safely for children? We answer the most important questions parents have about smartphones in children's hands.

Is my child old enough to have his or her own smartphone?

Many parents want a clear age statement as an answer to this question. However, it makes more sense than looking at age to consider the child's stage of development.

With the klicksafe checklist "Is my child fit for his or her own smartphone? "parents can check alone or together with their child whether he or she is ready for a smartphone or not.

Can smartphones be set to be childproof?

There can be no complete protection against negative content and experiences when using smartphones. Nevertheless, it is highly advisable to exhaust the possibilities that technical protective measures can offer.

The klicksafe info sheet "Technical settings: Smartphone and Tablet " provides parents with a guide to the most important parental control settings on devices with the iOS and Android operating systems.

In the video series "mobil & safe ", together with, we provide information in ten videos on how to set up a smartphone correctly. There are also tips on the correct settings in various apps and messengers.

What rules about the smartphone are important?

With a smartphone, children potentially have access to the entire Internet. In addition to all the exciting and entertaining things, however, it also includes a whole range of harmful or dangerous content. It doesn't make sense to wait until the first problems arise, but to talk to children in advance about possible dangers and to point out options for action. Due to the wide range of risks(cybergrooming, cyberbullying, hate speech, fake news and much more), not all issues can be resolved in a single conversation. Rather, parents should be prepared to stay in a continuous exchange with the child to accompany online activities. To avoid constant discussions about smartphone use in families, rules drawn up jointly and at an early stage can also help.The following materials provide parents with further useful tips.

The 68-page brochure "Smart mobile? " is aimed at parents who want to support their child's smartphone use. The brochure is available for download or to order in print.

The 40-page brochure "Using Smartphones with Confidence " provides comprehensive information on safe smartphone use. The brochure is available for download or to order in print.

With the Flyer for the media usage contract families can individually determine which media may be used when and for how long. The flyer is available for download or as a print version for ordering.