klicksafe web seminarInfluence of algorithms in the everyday life of young users

Where do children and young people come into contact with algorithms in their everyday digital lives? What are the risks associated with artificial intelligence? And how can we strengthen young users in dealing with them? We provided information about this in our klicksafe web seminar as part of the Media Literacy Week in Rhineland-Palatinate. You can watch the recording now.

Whether Google search results, social media feeds on Instagram and TikTok, or prices when shopping online - anyone who moves around the web inevitably comes into contact with algorithms. These determine what content is displayed. Algorithms thus significantly influence the perception of information on the web.

Our klicksafe web seminar gives an insight into the influence of algorithms in the everyday life of children and young people and how we can strengthen young users in dealing with algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Note: Three videos on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence" were shown during the web seminar. For copyright reasons, we have removed the videos from the recording. They are available on YouTube via the following links:

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