Parents' guide FLIMMO for TV, streaming & YouTube in new design

If parents are looking for something suitable for their children to watch, they will now find it even faster at FLIMMO. The parents' guide has been completely redesigned and now also takes a closer look at content beyond classic television. Whether TV, media libraries, cinema, streaming or YouTube - FLIMMO provides an overview of everything that is currently on and helps with pedagogical assessments in the age-appropriate selection.

FLIMMO rates what children between the ages of three and 13 like to watch in short reviews. A traffic light shows at first glance whether movies, series or YouTube channels are suitable for children. FLIMMO focuses on children's perspectives: What do they like about movies and series? What do they like to watch on TV or YouTube and why? Parents learn how children process media experiences and what they should pay particular attention to.

The guide also addresses questions about media education in the family: How much media time is okay? What rules help and how can siblings be reconciled? FLIMMO helps parents meet the challenges of everyday media life with compact information and practical tips.

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