October is #CyberSecMonthEuropean Cyber Security Action Month 2022

Every year, the month of October is dedicated to cyber security throughout Europe. The occasion is European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). Over the next four weeks, there will be many webinars, activities and educational campaigns on the topic of cyber security. klicksafe presents materials for educators and parents on the topic of data protection.

The action month is coordinated in Germany by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). This year, the BSI is once again calling on institutions from government, business and society to participate in European Cyber Security Month. All organizations that communicate the topic of cyber security to a broad audience can participate.

All possible forms of participation are conceivable, from press work and events to videos, websites or social media activities. Internal measures such as training courses for employees* are also a valuable contribution and can be registered as an action. Suitable for the sensitization of the population and organizations is above all target-oriented information that can be easily shared and disseminated. Even small actions can make a difference.

It is possible to register planned actions on the official ECSM website and thus make them visible throughout Europe. You can also draw attention to ECSM actions on social media using the official hashtag #CyberSecMonth.

For more information on European Cyber Security Month, visit the BSI website.

How to bring data protection to school!

Nearly all providers of digital services collect and analyze a great deal of user information. But where, how and, above all, what data is collected is often unclear to many users. With working materials on the topic of data privacy, we aim to make the topic interesting and accessible for young people and to promote the idea of "informed users". The teaching materials contain easy-to-understand background information and concrete practical projects. It can therefore be used in schools with little effort.

How to bring data protection into the family!

Our materials on data privacy in the family provide you with all the basic information on this topic. For example, security and data protection tips are also presented for social networks. Furthermore, parents receive concrete advice on how to discuss the topic of "data privacy" with their own children. The fair handling of other people's data is also covered. The family checklist also helps to raise awareness of data privacy in everyday family life.