European Day of Action for Victims of Hate Crime

July 22, 2021 marks the tenth anniversary of the right-wing terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya. In memory of the 77 victims, the Council of Europe has proclaimed the European Day of Action for Victims of Hate Crime on this date. klicksafe uses this occasion to present offers against hate and incitement on the Internet.

Respectful interaction is also indispensable on the Internet. However, it can be observed that incitement, hatred and discrimination are widespread there. On International Day for Victims of Hate Crime, a wide range of institutions want to take a stand against hate and incitement.

The Media Authority Rhineland-Palatinate has already been involved for several years with the "Track and Delete" initiative. It brings together law enforcement agencies, media regulators and media companies so that content can be reported and prosecuted quickly. The goal is to make perpetrators visible and hold them accountable instead of just deleting their comments.

In order to raise awareness of hate speech and thus prevent it, we provide information about forms of hate speech, the current legal situation and measures to promote a culture of communication in the klicksafe topic areaon hate speech . In addition, we offer a clear listing of initiatives that are committed to combating hate on the Internet.

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