Objection to Meta AIFacebook and Instagram want to use personal data for AI training

Facebook and Instagram users have been informed that the terms of use will change at the end of June 2024. Specifically, the parent company Meta wants to use users' personal data to train its artificial intelligence. Anyone who does not want this should now object to this by June 26, 2024. klicksafe explains how you can successfully object to the use of your data and whether Facebook and Instagram's approach is legal.

Last month, we reported on the new AI functions in Meta's services. These include Facebook, Instagram, Threads and WhatsApp. Now the company is preparing to launch artificial intelligence called Meta AI in the European Union. For users, however, this does not only mean that they will be able to use Meta AI in the services in future. Meta also wants to use all user data as training material for its AI. According to Meta, this includes all posts, all photos and their captions and all messages that users send to Meta AI. Private messages are expressly excluded from processing.

Anyone who does not agree with the use of their data can raise an objection. On the one hand, this is a good thing, but on the other hand, this approach has caused astonishment among data and consumer protection advocates. After all, companies normally have to obtain the consent of the data subjects if they want to process their data. In this case, Meta is citing a "legitimate interest" in further developing its service. The General Data Protection Regulation does indeed provide for the possibility of asserting "legitimate interests". However, in this case it is questionable whether Meta's business interests should be valued higher than the fundamental right to data protection of several hundred million users in the EU. In the meantime, the association NOYB - European Center for Digital Rights has therefore filed a complaint with 11 data protection authorities in Europe. A decision on whether Meta's actions are lawful is still pending.

Update: Meta pauses plans for AI training

Following complaints from several EU countries, the Irish Data Protection Commission hasannounced that Meta is pausingits plans for AI training with users' personal data until further notice. It is not yet known what further steps are planned and whether Meta will completely refrain from using personal data or whether the start of use will merely be postponed to a later date. It is still possible to object to the use of personal data via the form. According to the Facebook and Instagram privacy policies, the new terms and conditions will also continue to come into force on June 26, 2024. Meta writes: "Due to feedback from regulators, we are currently postponing our change regarding the use of your information to further develop and improve AI at Meta. We will notify you before we start using your information and let you know how you can exercise your right to object."

How to lodge an objection with Meta AI

  1. First log in to your Facebook or Instagram account.
  2. Then click on one of these two links: Facebook or Instagram.
  3. In the form, select your country of residence from the drop-down menu and enter the email address you used to register with the service in the next field.
  4. In the free text field "Please explain how this processing affects you", we successfully objected in the test with the following wording: I have the copyright to my posted data and do not grant any right of use for AI applications.
  5. The next field does not need to be filled in. You can now click on the button "Send".
  6. You may have to go through a security check. A code will be sent to your e-mail address, which you must then enter on the form page .
  7. In our test, we received an email a few minutes later informing us that our objection had been granted.

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