Fact or Fake: How Do I Keep Track on the Social Web?

In view of the digital information overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Internet users to filter the information presented and to recognize its truth content and relevance. How can users help themselves?

Tragic events, such as in the current case of the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, always lead to wild speculation on the Internet, especially on the social web, about the cause or originator of the disaster. Various groups interpret the events from different angles and try to use them for their own (political) goals. It is sometimes difficult to keep an overview, to distinguish facts from interpretations or even intentionally spread misinformation.

Journalist Dirk von Gehlen (www.sueddeutsche.de) has compiled tips on what every Internet user can do to avoid unintentionally spreading false information on the social web at https://gegen-die-panik.de.

Information on the topic of fake news as well as tips and tools for recognizing false reports are provided by klicksafe in the Fake News section.