Fit for the Internet - KommmiT learning units for seniors

When entering the digital world, older and technology-distant people need careful guidance and support. This is where the KommmiT project comes in and aims to enable seniors to participate digitally and thus also socially and to gain autonomy. The new learning units help them acquire basic skills.

In contrast to children and young people, smart devices are not yet everyday companions for many older people, and they often lack the urgently needed security in dealing with digital applications. The dynamism with which technologies encompass all areas of life is increasingly presenting older people with major challenges. Technology and media skills can help to a great extent in maintaining participation, autonomy and self-determination in old age.

The KommmiT (Communication with Intelligent Technology) project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), addresses this issue and aims to promote digital participation and, in particular, to get technology-inexperienced seniors excited about the Internet. As part of the project, senior volunteers were taught basic skills for entering the online world in training sessions. They also learned how to help older tablet beginners overcome their fears and awaken their interest in the digital world.

In this context, learning units have now been created that are based on the content of the training courses and the experience gained in supporting tablet beginners. Each of the KommmiT learning units contains both basic information and tips for inexperienced users on the various topics, as well as special tips and exercises to accompany or support them.

On the KommmiT website, the twelve learning unitsmaterials can be downloaded free of charge. The learning units deal with basic topics related to mobile devices and the entry into the online world: For example, it is about exploring the tablet, setting up Internet connections, giving a first orientation in the Play Store or informing about communication options via messenger and video telephony. 

  • All learning units as well as the corresponding link collections are available for download.

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