FLIMMO Special: Television on the Net

Moving images on the web - What parents should watch out for with Netflix, YouTube & Co.

What is the "Bird Box Challenge" all about? Why is this YouTube trend questionable for children? How can streaming services like Netflix, maxdome or Amazon Prime be set up to be as child-friendly as possible? Children and young people are watching more and more videos, movies and series via the Internet. This presents parents with completely new challenges and problems.

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day on February 5, 2019 - the worldwide day of action for more safety online - FLIMMO points out in an online special which dangers and risks "watching TV online" entails and how parents can deal with it.

What is regulated in linear television, for example, by broadcasting time limits, is largely left to the responsibility of parents in the case of streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. They must take action themselves and take measures to protect children from unsuitable content. FLIMMO helps here with tips on safety settings for well-known video portals and further advice on how streaming services can be used more safely.

Videos on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram or Tik Tok are particularly popular with children and young people. Here, too, there are risks that parents should be aware of. FLIMMO recommends: In addition to technical safety settings, joint agreements and clear rules regarding the use of videos on the Internet are a good start.

Further information: www.flimmo.de/SID19