fragFINN goes into series production

Children's search engine fragFINN launches 12-part series on safe Internet use

What traces do we leave behind on the net? Why is it not allowed to publish certain content? And why is there advertising on the Internet? 

Presenter Esther Brandt, together with the net caterpillar "FINN," provides answers to these questions in twelve entertaining episodes and explains to children in an age-appropriate way how to navigate the Internet safely. Lotte, the clever louse at FINN's side, explains individual terms in the episodes, such as "browser," "app" or "image rights," so she acts as a living encyclopedia, which can also be viewed online at

The magazine is supported in some episodes by the Media Authority of North Rhine-Westphalia, the EU initiative klicksafe and the Internet ABC. Martin Müsgens, a speaker at the klicksafe initiative (LfM), gives children tips on how to deal safely with personal data on the Internet, among other things, in episode 8: "Digital traces". 

Target group: 7-12 years

Timeframe: one new episode each weekday over the period: 27.11.-12.12.2017.

Length of the episodes: each approx. 3:30 min.

Title of the episodes:

  • Information from the Internet
  • Photos
  • App or browser?
  • Online and offline
  • Advertising
  • Online games
  • Chat
  • Digital traces
  • Shopping
  • Animal stars
  • Social networks
  • FINN celebrates its birthday 


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